Be My Valentine

It is February.  Valentine season begins and I become a valentine elf!

My workshop opens.  The dining room table is covered with white and pink and red and lavender ribbons, metallic threads, fabrics and paper.  My loft space becomes my sewing space for ironing and stitching this bounty together in festive designs.

I snip heart shapes.  I glue.

I sew beads with metallic threads.

I dangle and tie ribbons, weave red and pink paper hearts.

Sprinkle silver and gold glitter over sticky surfaces.

Pour paints of every color in the valentine spectrum.

I smile.  I laugh out loud.  I sing.  All these hearts honor my heart and the hearts of all those I love.  Valentines are February heart warmers, you know!

This is my wellness therapy, my cardiac rehab, along with walking and yoga, a rehab workout and meds.

It makes my heart happy and strong, one valentine at a time.

I thrive to the beat of my heart, the rhythm of life.


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