Disconnect to Reconnect

Living in a world where it is not okay, to not be okay. A world that seems to be moving at a pace, that if you take a quick break, you are suddenly miles, days, years behind where you “should” be. A world where we are constantly reminded of what, where and who we are not. I recently made the decision to entirely disconnect from this social media world, aside from what I have to do for work purposes, because I decided I was done trying to survive in this digital world where I wasn’t feeling good enough. I disconnected, so I could reconnect with what is real, what is true and what is happy. I needed to start living for myself and becoming my own enough.

So, 10 days ago, I completely disconnected from the digital world. It was scary for a moment, but as quickly as that moment came, it was gone, and since then, I have felt a new level of freedom. Free to reconnect with myself and my truth, freedom to control who I want to be influenced by, freedom to feel comfortable with where I am at in my life. The truth is, I really do not know what I want to do, where I want to go or where I belong, but I do know that I now have the freedom to figure that out based on what makes me truly happy and not based on a comparison to someone else’s digital life high-light reel.

I recently read a quote; “What you are not changing, you are choosing”. The word Thriving can sometimes be associated with the assumption that you have had to overcome some huge feat or come to some life-altering realization. Thriving will hold different truths to different people, it could even mean different things to one person, at different stages during their life. But it is important to remember, that thriving, could be as simple as choosing to no longer simply survive, but thrive by embracing where you are right now and being enough for yourself.

I am not anti-social media and have no idea how long I will stay disconnected. What I do know is that it is important to remember that you already are thriving, that you are doing great things right now and to not compare yourself to someone else when you do not know their definition. Thrive because you are here another day. Thrive because of the genuine hearts that surround you. Thrive because you are amazing right now.


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