Donna’s Thrive Story

I work with the public, and I hear a lot of stories about cancer. You never think it’s going to happen to you, but then you get that news! For me it was October 31, 2017. I had been dealing with something for about a year, and I was told don’t worry, it’s just hemorrhoids. Not one out of 3 doctors even checked it out, they said just keep treating it with cream. I finally got a doctor to check it out, I knew just the way she talked that it wasn’t just hemorrhoids, it turned out to be rectal cancer!

The shock was terrifying, not knowing what to expect, the first few weeks I was on a roller coaster with all the different emotions. Finally I said to myself, “pull up your big girl panties and let’s deal with this!” So we did 5 weeks of chemo and radiation.

My kids, husband, family and friends kept me going. They were a blessing for me. I could not of done it without them! They were my rock! After going through this, I definitely look at life differently. The little things don’t bother me any more and I am enjoying life to the fullest!

We all know our bodies, and if you feel something is wrong get it checked. And if you don’t feel comfortable with the answer, keep pushing till you find out what’s wrong! My surgery doctor always tell her interns about my story, cause she said my symptoms were nothing like what they should of been, they were totally different. And she says always listen to the patient, cause they know something isn’t right and follow through with it!

It’s been a year to this month that I was going through my treatments, and I now feel great!

I Thrived my cancer!


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