Jane & Randy – Thriving Together!

In 2012 Jane and I found ourselves surviving, but not thriving. Jane was experiencing increasing hand pain that interfered with nearly every aspect of her life. My progressive hearing loss was also negatively impacting my interactions with others many ways. In early 2013 we both decided to undergo corrective surgery. In the span of one month, Jane had surgery on her left hand and I had a cochlear implant. 

With two of us recovering at the same time, we grew to rely on each other’s abilities and strengths to get us through the day. We also learned to ask and accept help from others.

Keeping a positive attitude and celebrating the victories helped us get through the challenging times. We both worked hard on our respective rehab exercises. We ended the days with a slow dance together listening to favorite songs. It gave me a chance to re-learn lyrics and to hear high notes that I had not heard in years. And Jane, who was struggling with some delays in her recovery, found that this time together greatly lifted her spirits.

We renewed our appreciation for the little things in life. Things like listening to “oldies” and hearing them like I remembered them, performing activities of daily living without pain, being able to participate in conversations at noisy restaurants, holding hands with out pain and being able to grasp the handle bar of a bike so we could bike together.

We learned that we can count on each other when times get tough and that God is always with us. One night several months after our surgeries, we were attending a concert. As we held hands, I was able to hear every note of Rhapsody In Blue. That’s when we knew that not only were we survivors, we were THRIVERS.

Jane & Randy

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