Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward All

That is such a powerful statement that has taken on new meaning as 2019 closes and we boldly embark on 2020.

Life can be overwhelming as we not only manage our personal challenges, but also are constantly bombarded with the never-ending litany of all the unrest and violence in our nation and the world.  There are daily reports of natural disasters of flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires which have resulted in loss of life and destruction. On top of that, people continue to harm each other with intense criticism, betrayal, greed and physical violence.  The intensity of anger and fear only seems to be escalating.

As I listened to the news one night, it fueled anger and fear to a point that I began to verbally explode.  My heart pounded, palms got sweaty, I stood up, paced and started to scream at the TV: yelling, name calling and swearing. I SHOCKED myself! Horrified at my loss of control, I immediately turned off the TV and vowed I had to figure out how to manage my powerlessness, fear and outrage about what was going on around me. I realized my outburst was actually adding to the negativity that I so abhor.  It is so oppressive and shuts down any hope or creativity, all contrary to my desire for PEACE in my world.

I began listening more intently to my body and emotions for cues that I am getting upset. I realized that although I need to know what’s going on in the world, I don’t need to dwell in fear and despair. I try to change the channel of my mind as fast as possible. First, I learned to limit my news watching. I get the highlights in a short period of time, rather listening to the constant repeating of details that only fuel my emotions. I intentionally listen to uplifting and encouraging music and programs, as well as browse Random Acts of Kindness on You Tube. I find it helps restore my faith in humanity.  Doing my part by reaching out to support, encourage and help others is a powerful way to change the world, one person at a time.

I began to look for visual reminders that calm me. NASA Apollo 17 took an amazing view of the earth from outer space.  I purchased this beautiful picture ( and added “Peace on Earth” on the bottom. I strategically placed it near my back door so I see it every time I go out, I intentionally take a deep breath and as I exhale, imagining I am sending peace and love into both my little corner and the whole world.  It helps me focus on what I want more of and it reminds me to be the change I want to see in the world. 

 It is natural to feel powerless, angry and afraid at times. Although it is ok to feel, it is not good for our mind, body and spirit to get stuck in negativity. We each can find our own way to intentionally choose to be part of the solution to bring


Wishing you PEACE in 2020!  Victoria

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