Pursuits of Happiness!

I am about to celebrate my seventy ninth birthday.  I think of life as a garden which teaches us the reassuring value of change. As this summer season fades into history, I will have gained more wisdom and much eagerness to begin the approaching fall season.  I will be informed by the past and inspired by the present to celebrate my season of change.  We will always have new beginnings and opportunities to thrive again. Ahhh….I am a gardener.

“Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks”  – Samuel Johnson  

I am an Interior Designer and I create thoughts through colors and spaces. Recently my clients, who suffer from chronic pain and isolation from not doing what they love, gave me the privilege to create “their ocean “. When they were able, they would spend one month every fall for three years at an ocean side condo. Together, we created a soft hue of aqua, blue and green and dipped the entire kitchen and dining areas into this ocean water leaving the focal wall to be painted dusty copper. This colour was their sunrises and sunsets. They selected several pictures from their three-year collection.  These were enlarged to various shapes and sizes and printed on to canvas. They can sit next to this magical weaving and dip their toes into the sand, feel the warmth of the ocean breeze and watch their sun rise and set as their hearts are lifted by dragonfly wings. I want to be like them, THRIVERS.

I visited Ferrara, Italy and fell in love with this little city, with this little street filled with motion and rainbows of color.  This outdoor beauty filled me with smiles of happiness!  I am an artist and decided to capture this scene “my way”. I am weak in architecture and perspective drawing skills, so this piece was most challenging.   I struggled and cried until I decided it was time to throw it or set it aside. Six months later, I returned to complete Ferrara with total confidence and love. Most importantly, I went outside my comfort zone and now know the true meaning of THRIVER.  Suzanne, artist


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