Teaching in the time of Coronavirus

Going to school every day is not always the top priority for students, even during “normal” times. As our world has changed drastically in such a short time, the need to switch to a virtual classroom has provided a new wave of challenges for our teachers.

High School Math teacher, Drew Gossens, was determined to think outside the box to encourage students to show up for virtual classes with the same drive as they would in a normal classroom. From the first day of virtual lessons, Drew came on video with a “funny” hat on. To keep his students guessing and engaged, each day that followed he continued to wear different, even more ridiculous hats. He gives extra credit on homework if they also submit something to make him laugh.  Students have responded by sending Drew pictures of themselves in their own funny hats or sharing jokes.

Drew has gone above and beyond to continue finding unique and funny hats each day, as to never repeat the same hat. He has used his goddaughter’s “dress up” bins, the closets of friends, and even family heirlooms. He models hats from a wide variety of themes including holiday, sports, cowboys and princess tiaras. “I am shameless. I don’t care what I wear if it draws them in”.  

Here’s to Drew and all the teachers who use creative ways to inspire our children in these challenging times.


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