There Are Moments When….

The world as we knew it is changing faster than my mind can take it all in.

There are moments when I feel overwhelmed with grief and consumed with uncertainty about what the future may hold.

There are moments when I feel trapped, powerless, and angry because of the lack of control I feel.

There are moments when I feel peaceful, connected and grateful for all that I have and for all the good I see in the world.

We get to feel it all as we go on this rollercoaster ride of navigating all the unknowns and adapting to our new normal.  When I get stuck in the darkness and fear, I try to remember to shift my focus to “THIS moment right now”. I intentionally notice my breath flowing in and out of my nostrils. I notice the breeze on my face and hear the birds singing. I see the beautiful colors that are painted across the sky. I delight in the fragrance, flavor and texture of the hard crisp apple I have just bitten into. I smile as I listen to the giggles and squeals of children playing.

The faster I can bring my awareness to NOW, this moment, the faster I tap into gratefulness and hope, and peace returns, even if it’s for a moment.

Always remember, we will get through this together and thrive!!


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