Thriving in St. Lucia

Started off the New Year with an amazing trip to St. Lucia, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. I was blessed to be able to go on this trip with multiple family members and in total a group of about 16 people through the Good News Project, a nonprofit organization in Wausau, Wisconsin offering meaningful service opportunities at home and abroad. I’m also very blessed to say this was my 2nd time going.

Over the course of 2 weeks our group was able to build 3 homes for families in need as well as visit people at multiple places throughout the island including schools, churches, and nursing homes.

The St. Lucian people are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Their love for one another as well as the love they showed us was inspiring. Some of these people have absolutely nothing and yet are so loving and happy.

A special example of that kindness was at the 1st house we built… when each house is finished we have a ‘House Blessing’ which is a special ceremony where we all bless the house together, meet the family, and wish them happiness in their new home. The family we built the home for was quite poor, and yet when we arrived they had tons of food and drinks they wanted to give us. Throughout the building process they kept saying they had something to give us at the end and this was it. It was a special moment, I’ve helped build 6 homes in total on this island now and this was the first time I’ve seen this happen. It meant so much to all of us that they went out of their way to do that and meant the world to them to be able to give us something. It reminded me the amazing feeling we all get inside when we’re able to give someone something.

More examples of that love and happiness also happened during our trips to schools and nursing homes. We would spend an hour or 2 with kids at school or with elderly people in care homes and it would totally make their entire week, for some their month, and maybe even for some their year. The kids at school loved playing with us, talking with us, and when we would have to go would hug us begging us not too. The elderly were the same way. People young and old would even begin to cry because we had to leave. It reminded me to NEVER underestimate how much of an impact you can have on someone by giving them your time. Even if it’s only an hour or 2.

I had a lot of time to reflect on this trip and I realized that being happy and thriving in life for me can be simple. Don’t waste time judging others. Living in the moment, helping others, and genuinely enjoying the time we spend with others irregardless if we know them or not can help us all make this world a better place.

Get out there and make a difference in someone’s life… you may find that it makes a difference in your own life as well 🤙🏻🌎❤️

Keep Thriving,


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