We Need Your Help To Change The World….

Do you or someone you know have a story that could inspire others who have gone through a similar distressing situation? Before you say “No”, consider this. We all go through life managing the ups and downs including those major challenges that we couldn’t possibly have been prepared for. When we get to the other side of the crisis or challenge, we forge ahead and seldom look back at how that experience profoundly affected our life.

Recently I talked to someone who supported her spouse and family during his military career that took them out of the country, and included her spouse being on combat tours sometimes over 6 months at a time with only a few emails to keep them connected. When I asked her how she got through it she said, “I just got through it. I don’t think I did anything special. Anybody would do the same”.

After the fact, we tend to discount how difficult a challenge was. We often don’t realize how resilient and creative we were managing that experience.

Beware: sometimes what seems insignificant or average actually may be the inspiration that could change someone else’s life.

Who inspired you? Maybe it was a friend, co-worker, or someone you never personally knew that gave you an idea, helped plant the seed of hope and possibility or was a role model in never giving up.

We know that sharing personal stories can feel intimidating but during this time of so much divisiveness and negativity, we all get to be part of the THRIVE community to help change the world by supporting and encouraging others. Sharing personal stories inspire and CAN help change someone else’s life. It also gives us time to reflect on our own journey and recognize the tremendous personal strengths we may not have recognized before.

Please consider writing your THRIVER STORY. You may never know how many people you will touch but we know you will!

Go to our website at http://thrivetogether.life/yourstory/ to write your story.

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